Do you know the meaning of "Juddu"  in Wolof language ?
  • In Wolof language, the word  "juddu" means "birth". For that, there is no point on the letter "J" but a butterfly.... The chrisalis became a butterfly !
Do you Know the right prononciation of "JUDDU" ?
  • You have to prononciate JOODOO in english or JOUDOU in french ! It is like this.
Do you know what is GONDWANA, tittle of the new release of Juddu Combo ?
  • In paleogeography, Gondwana is the name to the more southerly of two supercontinents.... It included most of the landmasses in today's southern hemiphere including Antartica, South America, Africa, Madagascar and the Australian continent, as well as Arabian Peninsula ans the indian subcontinent wich have now moved into Northern Hemisphere...
  • To know more about Gondwana : clik here !
Why does Juddu Combo choose Gondwana Road for the titlle of the new LP ?
  • Gondwana covers all the lands of musical inspirations for Juddu Combo.

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